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 Ductless Heating or Ductless Cooling for Functional living spaces

With design in mind

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Multi-zone units allow you to create an oasis of comfort.  Throughout your whole house in the rooms you use most.

Each room (zone) operates independently with its own wireless or wired remote control.  So people in different rooms can choose the temperature that makes them most comfortable.



Ceiling recessed, Horizontal-ducted, Floor-mounted, Single and multi-zone units

• Hot and cold rooms

• Additions/renovations

• Enclosed patios

• Enclosed porches

Homes without space for duct    work

• Larger, multi-zone living   spaces

• Garages

Our Complete Ductless Design Services


How Ductless Heating & Ductless Cooling Systems Work

Ductless systems move refrigerant directly to indoor units via small lines.  Each room or living space has its own indoor unit and wireless controller.

Heat comes from our units in an efficient, effective way even when temperatures outside are down to -13 degrees F.  Hot air comes out from the start with no drafts.